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Conservative Grandpa Wiki is an encyclopedia of all things related to the amazing franchise of characters! This discusses the deep lore of the characters because fuck you that's why.

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Join the daily life of Conservative Granpda and how he trolls the Libtards epic style.


Conservative Grandpa is a series of comics that revolves around the titular character. It promotes the ideas of how Trump is the greatest president in the United States, it also features such wonderful characters like Miguel who's the only known character to be both a woman and a black transgender male. Conservative Great Grandpa, who's the father of the main character and shares the same opinions as he does. Jane, a far left mixed raced anarchist who likes breaking shit and Larry, a now deceased white islamist who kidnapped Elvin the Hamster and possibly raped him.

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The Lore

It's said that Conservative Grandpa is a take of how the perspective of your typical boomer reacts to politics. Take for example the love of Israel, The main character along with most in the series support the nation state. Another such example is how the character Miguel constantly switches personalities in the series. Going from a man, to a woman, to a leftist and then to a black transgender only for him to revert back to his previous self.

Under Construction

This wiki was created very recently. Therefore, there is still a lot to do before it is completely finished. Please be patient, as the wiki will more than likely go through lots of changes within this time! Make sure to check out the conservative granpda instagram page you faggots. Israel is Great

Did You Know?

  • Conservative Grandpa was the only character to survive the great Trump Train accident along with Kavanaugh.
  • Miguel has been both a woman, and a black tranny during the run of the series
  • Larry was the first to be killed off in the series.
  • The Great Trump Train Accident killed off over twenty people.
  • Jane Has been to a mental hospital over three times.
  • Elvin is the only known character to be kidnapped.

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